Last week when my Go LIVE team and I were in Seattle, the new 31 bits collection launched into the wild. EVERY TIME those girls surprise and shock me with what they can do with simple paper beads. Every collection is new and fresh and looks at paper beads in a whole new way. I'm a big fan of their company, mission and vision, business model, and marketing efforts! FAN GIRL right here! Take a look at how I styled the new Adobe Spike in Sky Blue. The formula for this outfit would be graphic tee + leather jacket + statement jewelry + printed skirt. In my opinion the graphic tee and the pattern skirt don't necessarily need to match. I really enjoy the mix & match tomboy on top and feminine on the bottom look or visa versa. Just some ideas. Photos by Janelle Marina.


Photos by Janelle Marina


When Bianca emailed me to write an article for a new movement that hadn't been launched yet, I literally jumped at the chance. I'm not the best writer, it takes me a long time to write anything, AND my weekend was jam packed with projects, deadlines, and a workshop. But after hearing about the concept I knew that this was something that I wanted to be a part of. If you haven't heard of Propel, It's a new initiative by the power-house herself, Christine Caine. The mission and vision of this new movement is geared towards women in leadership positions that desire to make a difference in the world. I LOVE THAT!!! Below is the article I wrote for the first issue of Propel Magazine. You can receive these magazines for free if you hop on their email list.

Okay so, here it goes:

Standing on the ocean bank on the last day of our trip I threw a rock into the water symbolizing everything I didn't want to take home with me: fear, worry, and doubt. I was surprised that these three cliche buzz words were the obstacles that surfaced, considering they had been my eye rolling trigger points when other women would express what they're "struggling" with. My inner response in these conversations was often something along the lines of: "OMG! Stop talking in circles and being such a baby about it! JUST GO DO IT!" But in this season, I felt differently. I guess you can say I briefly understood the paralyzing anxiety caused by fear, worry and doubt. And for me they're all stemmed from the mother of all cliche buzz words: L E A D E R S H I P. 

Okay, I'll back the train up a bit and explain that within the last year I've had to decided where my business was actually going. For years, I have been a freelance Graphic Designer dabbling in different formats of doing business. I've built a business on creating custom designed Logos, brands, and websites for small creative businesses. I also developed website themes that are sold in my own online shop called SiteHouse. In tandem with SiteHouse, I created a workshop called GO LIVE where people come from all over the country and I help them build, design and launch their websites in 2 days. To say I'm thankful would be an understatement.

All of those formats of doing what I love coupled with generating an income are fun, invigorating and challenging. You see, what really gets me up in the morning is creating. I LOVE the idea of creating something from nothing… pulling ideas from all kinds of places and paving the way for something NEW. The idea of "will this work?" is a captivating concept to me because I love pioneering the spaces and places undiscovered. For years I've been able to explore this question in my day-to-day process of creating in an artistic expression. Things like a painting, creating a graphic or building a website design from the ground up have been my safe go to places to create. As my career has continued to evolve, I've also found a strong love for the business components of my work. I'd even go as far as to say that I see the business aspect as a new and different form of art and creativity. And THAT is invigorating. 

Like so many Small Business Owners, I've faced the daunting reality that my current infrastructure is challenged to support the possibilities of future growth. Some days it feels like a beautiful disaster. I find myself frequently asking, WHERE DOES IT GO FROM HERE?!?!

With a lot of trial and error, failure and success, I have to admit that I have struggled to know if I have what it takes to be a "leader" and grow my business into the company that I imagine.  Sure, I'm creative, I could have some influence and I could make stuff happen, but, I'm talking…AM I MEANT TO BE A LEADER? [Gulp] Cue fear, worry, and doubt. It's possible that I'm being completely melodramatic and that Gods vision for this business is to, simply, be a secondary stream of income for me and my family. I could stay lean and mean, giving me the opportunity to work from home when we start a family. And if that's what God's desire is for this-then I trust Him completely in that gift. But I can't help but think there're more to the story than 'coasting'.

I have come to the conclusion that I'm not a "leader" in my conventional understanding of the concept. I don't geek out on HR protocols and strategies or respond within the first 20 seconds of an email hitting my inbox. I rarely wake up at 5am to go for a run, do my morning devo, analyze my databases while delegating all my to-dos, and of course, all before breakfast. And I definitely haven't written a lengthy book on "The 5 Best Pathways To A Great Leader".

THATS NOT ME!  Cue worry, fear, and doubt again. I have built up this idea in my mind of what a leader is and what a leader isn't based on things I've read, seen, and experienced in others. I've easily categorized myself in the genre of what a leader ISN'T and convinced myself of the reasons why I can't grow my small business into a thriving company. Namely, because I'm an unconventional "leader." I'm a simple art girl, with a few big dreams, that loves to create stuff that helps other people do what they love to do in their lives/ministry/work. This season has taught me that I have placed too much emphasis on the idea of the word "leadership" instead of just accepting the position and the opportunity that God has naturally wired me up to do and put right in front of me. Maybe the concept of leadership isn't something we should get over-fixated on.

Rather, as we courageously step into our unique calling we'll realize the leadership capacity we need will follow the calling we've been given. So, go grab a rock that identifies the places in your life/business/ministry that are holding you back from really launching into all that God wants to do in and through you. Find some deep water & throw those suckers. Personally, though I don't have it all figured out, one thing I know is that I don't want to let fear, worry and doubt be my anchor anymore. So, stop being a baby about it and JUST GO DO IT!!!


I know it's geeky, but I love getting back from the holiday break to hit the ground running. The idea of a new year comes with fresh ideas, new energy, and GUTS to do things you didn't do last year!!! This week my team and I will be headed to Seattle Washington for our first GO LIVE Workshop of 2015. I am excited to meet all the attendees (their homework is looking FAB), but there are a few added unknowns that come with a traveling workshop. A few of the details are making me a little stressed... But in this case I guess stress is good because that means I'm doing things out of my comfort zone.

Here is a favorite outfit as of lately! I LOVE trying to figure out how to wear my summer clothes in winter! These photos were taken by the fabulous Janelle Marina! When she saw my outfit she asked "So what's the rule with the double jean thing? Do they have to be the same color? or different colors?" My answer: "I don't know. In my personal opinion there are no rules when it comes to chambray and jean." So, maybe you can tell me. Are there any rules?

PROMISE TANGEMAN   |   photo by Janelle Marina
PROMISE TANGEMAN   |   photo by Janelle Marina
PROMISE TANGEMAN   |   photo by Janelle Marina
PROMISE TANGEMAN   |   photo by Janelle Marina

If you're curious about any of the items I'm wearing, check out the brands below.

JEAN JACKET: American Eagle   |   LEOPARD SHORTS: Urban Outfitters   |   BOOTS: Forever 21   |   BRACELET: 31 Bits, JCrew, MadeWell   |   KEY RING: The Giving Keys   |   LIPSTICK: Nars. Color: Schiap

PROMISE TANGEMAN   |   photo by Janelle Marina
PROMISE TANGEMAN   |   photo by Janelle Marina
PROMISE TANGEMAN   |   photo by Janelle Marina