Chalk Art Hack

I don’t know about you, but every time I see really cute chalkboard art in people’s homes or offices I always think "THAT'S SO CUTE! I could never write like that." Since I started relying on my computer and my iPhone for pretty much everything, my handwriting has gotten so bad. Because of that, I was a little nervous to agree to help my sister-in-law with some of their wedding decor plans last month. She loves the gold frame chalkboard look (which is adorable) so I set out to make it happen. As a designer, I told myself this CAN NOT look bad. LOL. So, I thought back to my old art class days where we learned a lot of different techniques for achieving certain looks. Hence today’s Chalk Art Hack. So, I’ll show you step by step how to achieve AWESOME looking chalkboard art that will have all your friends asking “did you write that??!” Here is goes…

What you need:
    •    chalkboard (framed or un framed)
    •    computer
    •    fonts you like
    •    printer
    •    regular printer paper
    •    pencil
    •    regular chalk or chalk pen 

chalk art hack by promise tangeman

00 - First, If you’re looking for a cute chalkboard gold frame like the one I have, It’s super easy to make. I just bought a gold frame that I liked and painted the clear glass with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint. Easy peasy! 
01 -  Find a font that you like on the computer and create a document with the words that you want to have written. The font that I used for this project is Adios.
02 - Print out the document on your home printer
03 - Take a pencil, flip the paper, go to the window and color in the letters on the back side of the paper. Make sure you press so that it’s dark. I like to follow the lines of the letters to make sure it’s neat and tidy.
04 - Flip the paper back over and put it on the chalkboard. Begin filling in the letters again with your pencil. Make sure you hold the paper in place so that it doesn’t move around. This will leave a graphite impression of the letters on the chalkboard.
05 - Make sure you can see the graphite outline on the chalkboard
06 - Take your chalk or chalk pen and draw over the graphite impression.

All done! What do you think? Think you’ll try this? My know how bad my handwriting is so they literally did ask me “did you write that?” haha “Yes! Technically yes!” LOL.

Summer Shorts

Every spring I struggle to find good shorts that aren’t too tight, too low, too short but are also somewhat stylish. I feel like I hit the jackpot this year when I checked out American Eagle. They had SOOO MANY styles, sizes, shapes, cuts and lengths. I think I tried on all of them and to my surprise, I loved almost everything I tried on. SHOCKER!! I have and love both the Midi style (here and here) and the Festival style (here and here). And to top it off....they're on SALE right now! I also think the festival shorts will look super cute with tights in the fall!

Look Like a Graphic Designer Using These 5 Free Fonts

One funny question that I get from my husband Brian every now and again is, “what’s a good basic font to use?” haha! I never know how to answer that question because there’s not just a few “good, basic” fonts. It all depends on what it’s for, who the audience is, what it’s communicating, what medium it will be on (print? web?) what size it will be shown at, and so many more specifics. It always drives him nuts when I can’t simply answer his question. 

I think what he’s really asking is, ‘what font will make it look like a professional designer created this?’ So, to satisfy his curiosity, I decided to put together a graphic with five free basic font options that are designer-esque. I also included a few different scenarios that you might use them for as well. I hope this is helpful. Hey Brian, be sure to bookmark this post for future reference. Click the links below for more information and to download the free fonts.

1. LORA   /   2. PLAYFAIR DISPLAY   /   3. OPEN SANS   /   4. MONTSERRAT   /   5. OSWALD

Look Like A Professional Designer With These 5 Free Fonts

Releasing Evolve Design For Squarespace

Evolve just launched over at, and guys... I am seriously SO happy with the outcome design! For the past month I've been working on creating the perfect website theme crafted specifically for you! After spending time looking over hundreds of your websites these last of weeks, (via my website tips posts. I’m glad you’re loving those), I realized there were a few consistent areas where most of you really needed some help. Get the 411 on Evolve below & enter my little contest to WIN this bad boy!

Evolve is a perfect combination of edgy and relaxed with a mindset that will get your business where it needs to be. Wanting to optimize sales and customer interaction? Evolve has a strong tagline and business description, so that within 3-5 seconds your website viewer will know exactly what your company does and what to do next to engage your services or product.

This design also specializes in Call To Action buttons, located on every page of the website theme. These CTAs have the potential to be a massive game changer in helping you convert sales online. These stylish CTAs will help you clear the clutter, simplify your voice, and direct the viewer to do exactly what you want them to do next on your website. Not only is this site irresistibly organized, sleek, and boldly modern...when a site is as forward-thinking as this, you have to have it.

Check out the live demo and purchase it here

So here's the scoop… I suggest customizing this design in one of three ways. 1 // Purchase and customize the design yourself (our designs over at Go Live are easy to edit and make your own - that's our whole goal). 2 // Hire us to customize it for you!  Drop us a line if you need help deciding! :)

In celebration of the new release we're giving away the theme to one lucky pinner. Simply pin the graphic (below) straight from this website to your Pinterest account to be entered to win the Evolve design theme! We'll be announcing the winner on: Thursday, July 20, 2017.

modern website template for squarespace

My Favorite Modern Affordable Outdoor Dining Furniture

I’m back with a little update on our backyard project. We LOVE the guys that are making everything come together in our outdoor living space and I’m getting excited to see that its almost near completion. Yay! It shouldn’t be long now until we can relax and enjoy it. 

Promise Tangeman modern backyard

A couple weeks ago,  I rounded up a few of my favorite modern and *MOST* affordable outdoor lounging furniture pieces and I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. It sounds like a lot of you are on the same page…as in, not willing spend a lot of money on furniture that goes OUTSIDE. Right? I mean…I want to have fun with it and enjoy it without caring that it’s going to get faded, dirty, damaged, or ruined. So, today I put together my favorite modern budget friendly outdoor dining furniture. I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment if you know of another piece worth including.

Affordable Outdoor Dining Furniture by Promise Tangeman