How To Make A Killer First Impression

Have you ever felt ON THE SPOT when asked about yourself? The truth is, you never know who you’ll meet and where, whether it’s hob-nobbing at a professional event, attending a conference, or workin’ those biceps at the gym. That conversation could potentially lead to: more business, new clients, a great connection, a new job, or YOUR BIG BREAK. So, you need to up your game!

Here are 5 ways to introduce yourself & make an impactful first impression:

1 - Be Respectful
Make your introduction brief 30-60 seconds. Max.

2 - Don't Make It All About you
Focus on how what you do HELPS other people.

3 - Be Confident
Write out your introduction phrase ahead of time and practice it so you’re confident delivering your message.

4 - Don't Make Them Feel Dumb.
Avoid technical jargon. Break your product or service down into relatable wording for people to easily understand.

5 - Be Passionate
Let your passion for what you do shine through… and you never know where the conversation could lead.

In order to be impactful, engaging, and memorable you have to be prepared, so when that moment comes along…All you have left to do…. is be yourself!