Workshop Recap + 10 Steps To Launch A Website

Sometimes building a website can be draining and frustrating. But it's pretty important, right? An awesome website means awesome business. I get it. That's why I LOVE our Go Live Workshop experience! In just two days flat, we taught, designed, created, and launched nine small business websites. Plus, guys, there were awesome snacks.

August's Go Live Workshop was a little different, and by different I mean amazing. The Showit guys came all the way from Arizona to collaborate with us and helped us launch all nine new websites on their Showit 5 platform! They even set up a live stream of the event so people could join us from home. What. A. Dream.  And the dream continues, because anyone who wants to try Showit for free for 30 days can do so right here: Yeah, free stuff!!

The ever-talented Crystal Blencher customized our BRAND NEW website theme called District. Our workshoppers loved it, and I'm pretty sure you will too. So to feed your "I need a new layout!" addiction, you can purchase District right here.

And of course, a huge part of every Go Live experience is supplying new headshots and photos for our participants websites. New site = new photos. And can I tell ya, Kristen Booth Photography  kills at her craft. Thanks for the pictures Kristen! Check out some of the beauty that was created:

Even if you couldn't make it to the workshop, don't sweat it! There are so many simple ways to jump-start your website. 

Whether it's your first time building a site, or your site just needs a makeover, I've created 10 simple steps to help you get started. Most of all, building a website is fun! Don't be afraid to get bold and try new things. Your website is an expression of you, so do what you like... but most importantly, just get doing!

A huge thank you to our amazing sponsors:
Kelly Moore Bags, Silk and Willow, That's Darlin, The Define School, 31 Bits, Emily Steffen, Kiss Books, Larousse Shoppe, and Planoly.

10 steps to launch a website

01 - Register A Domain Name
Choose a domain name that is short, simple, and easy to remember at The most popular domain ends with .com. If that is taken try .org, .net, or .co.

02 - Research + Create a Moodboard
Explore the topic of your business and collect as much information as possible about your dream client- what they like, and what kind of info they need to know about your company. is a great place to collect and curate ideas, inspiration, and design examples.

03 - Write Out All Your Content
Decide what pages you need to have on your website and exactly what navigation tabs you need at the top. Before you begin designing the website, write out the copy for all of your pages. Decide what you want the viewer to DO on your site. Do you want them to purchase? Sign up? Book an appointment? Highlight that, and make it prominent on your site.

04 - Purchase Hosting
Create an account with the platform of your choice and select a hosting plan. or are our preferred web building platforms for their ease of use, drag and drop interface, and built-in SEO.

05 - Purchase A Website Template
Browse & purchase a website template that fits the needs of your business. Keep in mind all the content that you need to communicate and make sure all the functionality that you need is included (or can be customized) in the template. Check out as the top resource for sleek, simple, and modern designs.

06 -  Create a Consistent Brand Kit
Decide on a consistent brand standard that includes specific fonts, colors, and graphic styles. You can draft inspiration from your Pinterest board. has a lot of great branding elements for purchase.

07 - Choose Your Images
Purchase or find free stock images at or coordinate your own photo-shoot based on your Pinterest board, business needs, website template and brand kit. Make sure your images are crisp, clear, and high quality, NOT pixelated or fuzzy. 

08 - Customize The Website
Begin to learn the platform and implement your website! and have a lot of video tutorial resources to make creating your website simple and easy to do. includes video tutorials with their website themes.

09 - Link Check + Device Check
When you’re finished, peruse the site for spelling and grammar errors or broken links. Also be sure to check out the website on all different devices to see how it displays on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

10 - Launch + Party
Don’t wait till it’s perfect... LAUNCH IT! Websites are a living and breathing entity and your website should always be a work in progress. Especially if your business is constantly growing and evolving. Pour a glass, celebrate, and announce it to the world.