How To Stay Focused & Get Stuff Done.

I used to think I was a multi-tasking pro.  But I’ve given up on that to make way for serious focus and productivity! Like a boss. Here are 4 ways to stay focused and get stuff done:

1 -  Pick Your Top 3 Tasks
Choose your top 3 MOST IMPORTANT tasks to complete before the end of the day. This small list helps you focus on what’s REALLY important for the day and helps you actually see progress. Anything else that you get done that day is a BONUS!!!

2 - Complete One Task At A Time
Feeling a sense of completion is extremely satisfying. So satisfying that you’ll find your productivity level boosted by your confidence that you’re TOTALLY KILLING IT. By focusing one one task at a time you’ll fly through your list without having to stop, find where you left off, and back track to again, move forward.

3 - Remove Distractions
Turn off, put away, or shut the door on anything that’s making your task take longer to complete than it should (minus any small children…probably shouldn’t put them away). I would MUCH rather spend an hour of focused time completing the task at hand and rewarding myself with an hour of my favorite TV show (guilt free watching)…Than watching my tv show for 3 hours feeling guilty that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to! :) 

4 - Time Yourself
Most things can be done faster than you think. The more time you allow for small easy tasks, the longer, bigger, and more complicated they can become. Set a timer and aim to beat the clock. 

I hope these tips were helpful. Ultimately, I want you to launch what you love, hustle hard, and cultivate that confidence deep within, because ultimately you were MADE to impact the world.