Side-swept Double Topsy-Bun For Medium Length Hair

As a creative entrepreneur I have my fair share of days filled with working the grind at home and then needing to quickly hop on a skype call. It's nice to look put together, and sometimes the messy top knot can feel overdone or even worse make me feel like I am still in my pajamas. So, in an attempt to look unique and put-together in a time crunch, I created what I’m calling the Sideswept Double Topsy-Bun. The best part? There are no pins needed for this look. Just two pony tail holders and hairspray. Let’s get started.

Easy up do for medium length hair

Viola!! This hair style STAYS!!!! I’ve even slept in it and it still looks great the next day with a little more of a tossed look. I can’t wait for you to try this!

If you tried it, I’d love to know.