Look Like a Graphic Designer Using These 5 Free Fonts

One funny question that I get from my husband Brian every now and again is, “what’s a good basic font to use?” haha! I never know how to answer that question because there’s not just a few “good, basic” fonts. It all depends on what it’s for, who the audience is, what it’s communicating, what medium it will be on (print? web?) what size it will be shown at, and so many more specifics. It always drives him nuts when I can’t simply answer his question. 

I think what he’s really asking is, ‘what font will make it look like a professional designer created this?’ So, to satisfy his curiosity, I decided to put together a graphic with five free basic font options that are designer-esque. I also included a few different scenarios that you might use them for as well. I hope this is helpful. Hey Brian, be sure to bookmark this post for future reference. Click the links below for more information and to download the free fonts.

1. LORA   /   2. PLAYFAIR DISPLAY   /   3. OPEN SANS   /   4. MONTSERRAT   /   5. OSWALD

Look Like A Professional Designer With These 5 Free Fonts