Easy DIY Artwork With Photographs

I had a blast gettin' crafty a few weekends ago and created this fun DIY art collage.  I think it’d be a CUUUTE Valentine's day gift for your sweetie or bestie. Plus it’s SOOO easy and quick to make. It’s got an avant-garde vibe so it’s hard to mess up, trust me. See below for exactly how to make it.

Easy DIY Art Collage with Photographs by Promise Tangeman

The New Etoile Website Template Is Live In The Shop

Etoile Fashion Blog Template by Go Live Hq

Good news! If a new website is on your goal list for 2018, I think I can help!  My team at Go Live Hq just launched our brand new website template for Squarespace. 💕🙌🏼🎉

Etoile has a feminine and minimal design aesthetic. It's pretty, chic and perfect for fashion bloggers or lifestyle brands! Our website Templates for #squarespace are a bit different than traditional templates, their totally customizable and make it easy for you to launch in just a FEW DAYS! 


I am giving away one of these Etoile website templates to one lucky Pinterest Pinner! All you have to do is Pin the graphic (below) to your Pinterest account to be entered to WIN!! The winner will be announced on my updated Instagram caption on FRIDAY, January 12th, 2018! Good luck!!

Check out the video walk through below to find out more about the design, the capabilities and some tips and tricks.

Clean feminine fashion blog website template for squarespace by Go Live Hq

I suggest customizing this design in one of two ways: 

  1. Purchase and customize the design yourself. Our designs are easy to edit and make your own - that's our whole goal. Check out how it works here
  2. Hire us to professional customize the template and launch your website for you.

How To Create A Fun Mixed Media Mural

Over the last few years, my team and I had been working remotely from our homes all across the country. It was fun to create our own schedules, but this summer I started dreaming of a time where we could be together working side-by-side in the same office. So, when the plans finally came together, I was excited to design an office space that was bright, modern, and fun to step into every day! 

To start off, I went for a clean white look with sit/standing desks from Ikea and sleek white office chairs from Amazon. I got some killer Sonos Speakers installed in the corners of the office to help keep us vibe-ing throughout the workday. I already had a dark cowhide rug, so I wanted a black geometric chandelier to compliment it and found the perfect one at West Elm. 

The room needed some bold unique personality and I thought one of the main walls in the office would be PERFECT for a college-like mural concept. As a fine art major, I love collage and mixed media pieces, so I knew I wanted a mixture of paint, decals, splatters, dips, wall panels, etc.

Here is how to create a fun mixed media mural:

how to create a mixed media mural by Promise Tangeman

1 - Measure Your Wall & Order Your Decals

Measure your wall using a tape measure to get the exact dimensions of the surface you’ll be working with. Then order your decals. There are a lot of fun places to get all kinds of graphics and decals for your walls. After perusing a lot of sites, I fell in love with the fun and quirkiness of these floral & flamingo decals from Urban Walls and geometric wall panels from Kirath Ghundoo. TIP: I took my wall measurements into consideration before purchasing. 

2 - Install Wall Panels

Before anything else, I put up the wall panels, which are essentially like big sheets of wallpaper minus all the paste. The nice thing about these ones are that they won't ruin your walls if you decide to take them off! I knew I wanted mine on the edges to frame out the wall. 

3 - Paint A Messy Foundation

I thought an artful mess as an under painting would bring a strong dynamic to the mural. So, I used gray paint and mixed it with water to get it a watery consistency. Then I painted a swipe across the wall and let it drip down. I also hand-painted black and gold as an accent on the wall, and then mixed water with black paint and went to town splattering on the wall. It was a ton of fun!

4 - Place The Decals

Tape the Urban Walls decals in place on your wall so you can get an idea of where you’d like to put everything before making that semi-permanent install. You may want to rearrange and try a few different variations before committing and installing the decals. Their tutorial video was really helpful.

5 - Install The Decals

After I had figured out the placement of the final decals, I was ready to commit and ready peel and stick!  

That's it! I am super excited with how the wall came out. It adds that fun and funky vibe to each day we spend in the office. What do you think of this? Will you try it? Let me know in the comments!

Releasing Studio Website Design For Showit

**CONTEST CLOSED** My team and I at Go Live have a new website theme live in the shop called Studio. Studio is where minimalism meets style with clean structure and collage-like aesthetic. The methodical layout and text heading allow viewers to navigate the site effortlessly. Each page of the template is easily customizable and includes an EXCLUSIVE feature of beautifully custom handwritten headings that will attract those whimsical creatives. We've even included extra handwritten headings for all your website page needs. Overall, Studio is the "it" site for creativity and stellar style. Check out the live demo and purchase it here

So here's the scoop… I suggest customizing this design in one of three ways. 1 // Purchase and customize the design yourself (our designs over at Go Live are easy to edit and make your own - that's our whole goal). 2 // Hire us to customize it for you!  Drop us a line if you need help deciding! :)

In celebration of the new release we're giving away the website template to one lucky Pinner. Simply pin the graphic (below) straight from this website to your Pinterest account to be entered to win the Studio design theme! We'll be announcing the winner on: Thursday, August 31st 2017.

Chalk Art Hack

I don’t know about you, but every time I see really cute chalkboard art in people’s homes or offices I always think "THAT'S SO CUTE! I could never write like that." Since I started relying on my computer and my iPhone for pretty much everything, my handwriting has gotten so bad. Because of that, I was a little nervous to agree to help my sister-in-law with some of their wedding decor plans last month. She loves the gold frame chalkboard look (which is adorable) so I set out to make it happen. As a designer, I told myself this CAN NOT look bad. LOL. So, I thought back to my old art class days where we learned a lot of different techniques for achieving certain looks. Hence today’s Chalk Art Hack. So, I’ll show you step by step how to achieve AWESOME looking chalkboard art that will have all your friends asking “did you write that??!” Here is goes…

What you need:
    •    chalkboard (framed or un framed)
    •    computer
    •    fonts you like
    •    printer
    •    regular printer paper
    •    pencil
    •    regular chalk or chalk pen 

chalk art hack by promise tangeman

00 - First, If you’re looking for a cute chalkboard gold frame like the one I have, It’s super easy to make. I just bought a gold frame that I liked and painted the clear glass with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint. Easy peasy! 
01 -  Find a font that you like on the computer and create a document with the words that you want to have written. The font that I used for this project is Adios.
02 - Print out the document on your home printer
03 - Take a pencil, flip the paper, go to the window and color in the letters on the back side of the paper. Make sure you press so that it’s dark. I like to follow the lines of the letters to make sure it’s neat and tidy.
04 - Flip the paper back over and put it on the chalkboard. Begin filling in the letters again with your pencil. Make sure you hold the paper in place so that it doesn’t move around. This will leave a graphite impression of the letters on the chalkboard.
05 - Make sure you can see the graphite outline on the chalkboard
06 - Take your chalk or chalk pen and draw over the graphite impression.

All done! What do you think? Think you’ll try this? My know how bad my handwriting is so they literally did ask me “did you write that?” haha “Yes! Technically yes!” LOL.