How To Start a Side Hustle Without Breaking The Bank

I love helping people launch what they love. But sometimes it takes some trial and error to find out what it actually is that they love doing. You gotta start somewhere, right?

Starting a side hustle or passion project can sometimes seem expensive. Especially if you’re a perfectionist, you have high standards, and you want to do it well. But the fact is, you may not COMPLETELY sure if this is something that you ACTUALLY want to do long term yet. You just don’t know! What if you’ll hate it?!!?! What if it’s too intense, too long, too hot, too hard, too brainy, too shallow, to salesy, too technical, too outdoorsy, too get the idea. 

The worst advice I could possibly give you would be to go balls to the wall making massive investments or buying all the professional gear. Let’s face it….YOU’RE NOT EVEN A PROFESSIONAL YET!!! You first have to figure out if you even LIKE the thing! 

When you’re looking to unlock that hidden calling on your life, you have to be more committed and passionate about the process and the journey than you are with all the glitz and glam of the final result.

The final result at a professional level comes from hard work, practice, determination, and experience, NOT just owning the right gear. Here are some tips for how to start a side-hustle without breaking the bank:

01. Start With What You Have

Example: Are you iInterested in making movies? I wanna see you MASTERING those iMovie capabilities until you absolutely need to upgrade to After Effects.

02. Rent The Gear

Example: Need a 55mm lens for your photography shoot coming up? Rent it to win it and make sure you love it and use it before you buy it! 

03. Trade With Friends

Example: A little gun shy about hiring some administrative help? Find a friend who's detailed and organized and trade your cooking expertise (or whatever skill YOU can offer) for her help for a month to see if this would be a worth while position for you to hire.

04. Utilize Free Sessions & Free Trial Periods

Example: Want to learn photoshop? Block off 14 days on your calendar to utilize the free trial period. Start with a simple project and some free youtube videos.

05. Hunt for free online E-courses, classes, and Youtube videos

Example: Wanna learn calligraphy? The internet has a DEEP well of free educational resources on all kinds of topics. USE IT!!!

Ultimately, don’t wait for the moons to align in order to get started. START NOW! Start small! and fall in LOOOOVE with the process and the journey! If you do that, the glitz, glam, and the quality of the final result will fall into place as you begin to improve and better your craft! 

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