Featured In Darling Magazine

If you got the latest copy of Darling Magazine then you might have seen an article written by yours truly! In this issue, I’m dishing on tips for how to start your dream job NOW, instead of putting it off into the future of it-will-never-happen-land.

image credit: instagram.com/alenka007

image credit: instagram.com/alenka007


Here’s a sneak peek:

While previous generations dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder, our generation more—than any other—is driven to pursue our passions, making a living doing what we love and being our own boss. It’s empowering to be living in the digital age, a time when we can say goodbye to our nine-to-five and turn our daydreams into dream jobs, thanks to the availability of unlimited online training, education, crowd-funding tools, digital marketing strategies and social media resources. The power is literally at our fingertips.

While the digital age is both inspiring and empowering, real life settles in, and the daily grind, old-fashioned hard work and the striving for excellence become important ingredients to launching a successful business. Many aspiring entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time it takes to create the PERFECT brand and business they envision. So, their dream takes a backseat, and sometimes, the thought of it can feel daunting, overwhelming and even paralyzing.

My team and I at Go Live Hq believe that the key to launching a business you love is simply to JUST GET STARTED!! While everyone else is waiting for all of the moons to align, we have a little secret: your brand doesn't have to be absolutely perfect before being released into the world. For a lack of a better analogy, a brand is a living, breathing entity that needs to grow and change as your business develops and evolves. So, just go live with it, and then, tweak and refine from there, as you learn more and more about the demand in the marketplace, the niche in your industry, your ideal client base and a ton more.

LinkedIn’s cofounder, Reid Hoffman, says, “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” While I don’t encourage the launch of a lazy product or of one you should be embarrassed about, I do believe in the intent of Hoffman’s message. I also believe that...

Perfectionism should not hold us back from achieving our dreams. Instead, a healthy level of excellence & the urgency to launch should propel us into success.

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