What Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?

Have you ever felt a little lost? Like you’re not quite sure what you’re supposed to do with your one and only, amazing, incredible life? 

In this digital age, there is so much talk about finding what you’re MEANT to do. And along with that, comes the pressure…What if I can’t figure it out? I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and nothing seems to make me come alive. What if I’m too busy with school, family, work, cleaning, eating, dreaming, being, parenting, traveling, _______, that I never find the one thing that I’m SUPPOSED to do?! Have I blown my whole life?

It’s so easy to get trapped in this spiral of self-doubt. We place so much pressure on finding that ONE thing that we fail to realize that each of us were made to do many things.

Yes, some people may have one calling that follows them their whole lives, but others will have many. Life is fluid, it changes, WE change, sometimes our callings change. And even if you know you’re called to be a lawyer or a teacher or a designer, it does not mean that it is the ONLY thing you were meant to do and nothing else matters.

Ultimately we were made for: loving, helping, exploring, building, dreaming, connecting, working, resting.

you were made for

There are lots of callings and activities that will ebb and flow throughout our lives and we were made to do ALL of them. People are not one dimensional. You have callings that pertain to many areas of your life. You were created to enjoy, explore, and be impactful in all of them. 

Don’t place so much pressure on yourself to find the ONE thing you were meant to do; embrace all the different seasons of life and live out each of those with the confidence that you were created for far more than just ONE career, passion, or job.