Backyard Update & Affordable Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas

small modern backyard ideas

We’re currently in the middle of doing some updates to our backyard and patio. (I’d love to say that I’m personally stirring the concrete, but that’s just not the reality. We hired professionals).

We live in a *really* windy area. Actually that’s an understatement. It’s so windy that a couple of years ago a gust blew in and literally knocked over our BBQ grill and broke it. I came out one morning to grill laying on it’s face (yes, the grill has a face now. lol) making a scary ticking noise. Anyway, we tried to revive it but it was a no go. Years later without a grill, we finally got a kick in the butt to make some updates. We’re having the BBQ grill built-in this time, we’re adding some professional lighting and getting bistro lights installed. We’re also swapping out our real grass for turf. Both Brian and I are excited to have our grill back to enjoy the last days of summer.

Through this process, I’ve thought about updating the patio furniture. I’m still on the fence with wether or not I want to pull the trigger on that in this season. But, I’ve done so much research on this topic that I decided that my efforts MUST benefit more than just myself. 

Being a professional graphic designer, I naturally appreciate clean modern design aesthetic (in everything) but, I’m cheap. A lot cheaper than most “designers” you’ll see around the internet. So hopefully this cheap skill of mine will come in handy for you, as I rounded up a few of my favorite modern and *MOST* affordable outdoor lounging furniture pieces (links below). Leave a comment if you know of another piece worth including.

One tip that I have learned over the years is to measure EVERYTHING before purchasing!!! Measure your space and look at the dimensions of your piece within your space before you buy it. Or else…that’ll getcha every time. Enjoy!

modern budget outdoor lounge furniture